INST 2017 International Organizing Committee (IOC)

Alexandra Souvorova, PhD | President


Vera Somova | Teams' Coordinator, Head of Back Offce


WhatsApp: + 7 981 740 68 54

Skype: vera_suns


Valeria Burianova | Treasurer and Chief Technical Officer


Andrei Shishov |On-site Teams' Coordinator

Kate Gotina | Section Master, language/scientific editor for tournament tasks

Renata Nakonechnikova | Head of SMM 

Galina Grechishnikova | Head of Counting Board

Anton Shelyganov | Web-developer


Dina Mostovaya | Press Secretary


Sergey Safonov, PhD | Head of Science Council,

Founder of INST competitions (2010)


Nikita Tsvetov, PhD | Secretary of Science Council

 Intramural Round Experts


Dr. Sci. (Chem.) Sergey Ermakov |  Jury president

Dr. Ermakov participates in jury of the tournament since 2010. He is a professor  in Analytical Chemistry at Saint Petersburg State University, also works as a director for center of educational projects in chemistry for industry specialists at SPbSU Dr. Ermakov worked for implementation of techniques of analytical chemistry to several industrial projects in Russia and USA.


Ms. Alina Aseeva

Alina's interersts are broad, covering Science, startups and corporate development. She finished with honors Moscow State University, co-founded successful startup in genomics.

Later she worked as a research scientist in Switzerland, had experience in top consulting company McKinsey serving companies of Europe across pharmaceutical and chemical engineering secors.
Ms. Aseeva now works as a corporate development manager for the biggest private TV broadcaster in Switzerland.


Mr. Stepan Denisov

Stepan is a biochemist, specialising in peptide synthesis. He finished with honors Moscow State University. His scientific interests cover NMR, DNA recombinant techniques, MALDI, UV-Vis spectroscopy. He worked in Austria and Netherlands as a researcher, now works on his PhD thesis. He published articles in well-known journals including Chemical Communications. He is a medalist of Russian national olympiad in Chemistry.


Mr. Alexander Nadeev

President of Science council for Russian Biology Tournament for High Students in Puschino city.

Served as a jury on International Young Naturalists Tournament (high students) in China, 2017

He works at the Institute of Cell Biophysics RAS


Dr. Evgeny Sogorin

Dr. Sogorin is a specialist in molecular biology. He works for top russian institution for the tope - RAS Protein Institute in Moscow area. He is a winner of the competition "Dance your PhD" organized by Science magazine.


Dr. Nikita Tsvetov

Dr. Tsvetov finished his PhD thesis in Physical Chemistry at St.Petersburg State Univ.

He writes music and poetry in his free time. He is also fond of biology.


Dr. Andrey Shishov

Dr. Shishov is analytical chemist, combining in his career work as a teacher in St.Petersburg State University with a position in industrial company. He is active traveller, he visited 20 countries before aging 20 years. He is winner of numerous national awards and scholarships for young scientist.


Dr. Nikolay Solovyev

Dr. Solovyev is an associate professor of the department of Analytical chemistry at Saint Petersburg State University. His fields of scientific interests are atomic spectrometry and inorganic biochemistry. 


Extramural Round Experts


Denis Baygozin | Chief Product Developer (chemistry),

Aquaphor Corp.;

Teacher for Additional Education,

Chemical Center of Lyceum #239 (St. Petersburg),


Olga Milyaeva, PhD in Colloid Chemistry | 

Research Fellow, Chair of Colloid Chemistry,

Institute of Chemistry,

St. Petersburg State University,


Dmitry Krasnikov, PhD in Chemistry | Research Scientist of Skoltech


Also in Our Team


  Elizaveta Belova | Designer
  Lyaysan Galiullina | Member of Technical Office
  Anna Kuzminova | Member of Technical Office
  Poloneeva Daria | Member of Technical Office
  Irina Shigitseva | Member of Technical Office
  Sweta Singh | Responsible for Cultural Program and Coffee-Breaks 
  Elizaveta Maksimova | Member of Counting Board
Members of Science Council

Anton Golyshev

Nikita Tsvetov, PhD

Daria Vetoshkina, PhD

Sergey Nikiforov, PhD

Sergey Dubkov, PhD

Andrey Malykhin, PhD

Elizaveta Pustovoyt

Yuliya Gozdanker

Anastasia Ananian


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