X International Natural Sciences Tournament

The Grand final has finished! See you in 2021!

Every year bright young scientists gather at the International Natural Sciences Tournament (INST) to generate new scientific ideas and stand up for their own ideas during dynamic scientific polemics. The Tournament helps to form collaborations between participants, scientific experts, and industry. The main goal of the competition is teaching students how to apply their knowledge to solve current practical scientific and industrial problems. 

What is INST and who can participate?

The INST is a team competition for current undergraduate students and students getting Bachelor’s or Master’s diploma in 2019. Students should study one of the following specializations: Chemistry, Material Science, Physics, Biology, Medicine, Pharmaceuticals, Engineering, or related areas. The team may be supported by a coach, a person with a completed Master’s degree (graduated no later than 2018, otherwise he/she will not be able to participate as a Jury member) or higher. 

Why do you need to participate in INST?

  • Serious science linked to modern worldwide challenges. We offer a wide range of tasks with real biological, medical, chemical, physical, and other challenges. Participants deepen their knowledge in natural sciences, improve their problem-solving skills, and enforce an image of science as a universal tool to solve modern societal issues.
  • Polemics. During INST, participants not only have to present and defend their task solutions but oppose the solutions of other teams. That way, students gain valuable experience in scientific discussion in a competitive way.
  • Networking. Throughout the Tournament, students have the opportunity to meet like-minded students, researchers, and industry representatives to form a supportive community and facilitate ideas sharing through countries and continents.

How to participate?

The Tournament consists of the National rounds, the Extramural round, and the Grand final (or as we called it Intramural round). In each round, the team will solve a number of current industrial and scientific problems.

  • To participate in the Grand final of INST, the team should try its best and present clear and outstanding solutions to 2 of 3 the Extramural round problems in suggested formats via account. The deadlines for this year Extramural round are September 30, 2019 (first wave) and November 15, 2019 (second wave). The best teams will be selected for the participation in the Grand final. 
  • The team-winners of the National rounds of INST are invited to participate in the Grand final without taking part in in the Extramural round. National rounds are the tournaments, which are held in different countries in local language. Due to the day, the INST has two official National rounds: Russian national round (ТЕН) and South African national round (MYST).

Where the INST is held?

The Extramural round of INST is an online competition, the team just need to submit their solutions of the Extramural round problems as it is required.

The information about venues of the National rounds is published on their official webpages.

The Grand final of INST is held in different countries every year. The Grand final of the X INST will take place on February 6–12, 2020 in University of Warsaw, Poland. To read more information about INST, please visit our About page or the page of the X INST.

What about organizing fees?

  • Participation in the Extramural round is free of charge.
  • The information about organizing fees of the National rounds is published on their official webpages.
  • The Organizing fee for the Grand final for participants of the first wave is 980 Euro per team, for participants of the second wave is 1070 Euro.

This will provide accommodation for a team of 5 members and its coach for the Grand final days of the Tournament. Please, pay your attention that the participation fee is not refunded. 

Important documents and videos

Please, check our framework documents to know more about our Tournament

Rules & Regulations 

What is a challenge? Who is a Speaker, an Opponent and
the Reviewer? How we play the polemics? This and more 
you are able to know from our 'Rules&Regulations'. 

The Challenge

The Challenge ab ovo: watch the rules and typical mistakes!

Grand final Problems

Twelve interdisciplinary problems, played throughout
the Grand final, which could help you to see beyond
the world! 

Extramural Round Problems Here we will present three problems to start the competition!
Extramural Round Grading System

Will be published soon.

More questions?

If you have any questions in regard to the presented information, please, visit our About page or contact us via e-mail participants@scitourn.com. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get all the information first.

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