VIII International Natural Sciences Tournament, January 29 - 4 February, 2018, Agra, India

Every year bright young scientists gather at the International Natural Sciences Tournament (INST) to generate new scientific ideas and stand up for their own ideas during dynamic scientific polemics. The Tournament helps to form collaborations between participants, scientific experts and industry.

INST is a team competition for current undergraduate students and students getting Bachelor’s or Master’s diploma in 2017. Students should be studying one of the following specializations: Chemistry, Material Science, Physics, Biology, Medicine, Pharmaceuticals, Engineering or related areas. The team should be supported by a coach, a person with a completed Master’s degree, or higher. The main goal of the competition is teaching students how to apply their knowledge to solve current practical scientific and industrial problems.

Please, check our framework documents to know more about our Tournament

Rules and Recommendations

What is a challenge? Who is a Speaker, an Opponent and
the Reviewer? How we play the polemics? This and more 
you are able to know from our 'Rules and Recommendations'

The Challenge

The Challenge ab ovo: watch the rules and typical mistakes!

Intramural Round Problems

Fifteen interdisciplinary problems, played throughout
the Intramural round, which could help you to see beyond
the world!

Extramural Round Problems Here we present three problems to start the competition!
Extramural Round Grading System

At first complicated, at second fair. Published in 2015
the approach still can help you improve your solutions.


The team, selected for the intramural round, is obligatory to pay the fee which covers accomodation and coffee-breaks throughout the tournament's days. Please, pay your attention that participation fee is not refunded. 

You can find detailed information on the website or by writing to

Look at the video from INST 2014

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Please, visit INST2015,  INST2014 and INST2013 pages to see information about past tournaments.

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