Participate as a Juror

The Tournament is not only a science competition. The Tournament is a quintessence of bright young students and engineers from all over the world. Every year about 75 of strong-minded students come together to change the world to the best. 
There are the 5 reasons why you should participate in INST as a Juror:
  • INST will help you to establish new contacts and collaborations with practicing scientists in biology, chemistry, physics, pharmaceutical, engineering, and R&D specialists from companies Unilever, MARS, HAch Lange and others.
  • INST is a great opportunity to see the best students from all over the world and to share your experience and knowledge with them.
  • INST may also help you to find students to join your scientific group.
  • INST will help you to join an unforgettable atmosphere of student competitions.
  • INST will give you a chance to get a great amount of new information in related scientific fields.

You may participate as a Juror:

– if you have a diploma of higher education in chemistry, physics, biology, engineering, or related fields;

– if you graduated no later than mid-2023.

All the questions you may refer to the Jury's Coordinator, Alina Filatova, via

Have your own idea of the problem? You can develop and offer it by filling the special form (accessible via the provided link below). If your problem is accepted, many chemists, physicists, doctors, biologists, and engineers will be trying to solve it during upcoming Tournaments.